Monday, September 27, 2010

Jan's Obsession With Profiles and Nuking Posts

Many of Jan's posts are criticisms of others who have not created a GoogleGroups profile or they "nuke" their posts. She takes particular joy in pointing out that some use the x:no-archive delimiter to ensure that GoogleGroups does not archive their posts. Jan has her rules, and, Jan wants everyone to follow them.

To ensure that they do, she cuts and pastes their profiles, as if that actually means something. Sadly, in her defective mind, it does, but, she will not explain just what it means. Jan does a lot of things like that, i.e. incomprehensible things.

To fully understand Jan, one need look no further than her "profile" on GoogleGroups.

Examine this carefully. Jan has not created a profile for herself, but you are a BadPerson if you don't.  She  seems to have a double standard. Well, if she did not have double standards, she would not have any standards at all.

And, look at her posting history. She has posted continually since 1999, but her profile shows some large gaps.

Does she nuke her posts?

Does she use multiple accounts to post from?

According to Jan, nuking posts is utter evil. Furthermore, using multiple names is a bigger no-no.

However, it sure looks like she is doing it herself.

Just two more examples of Jan Drew's HYPOCRISY!

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