Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jan Is Trying To Hide

Jan spends a lot of time finding information about people so she can "out" them. Most often, she is wrong and mis-identifies them. For instance, she believes that a person whose screen-name is Martin is Martin Rady, from Australia. However, Martin posts from Europe. Jan has problems understanding geography.

Over the past few weeks, as more and more information is posted in these convenient pages, Jan has been a busy old fart in having some of her personal information removed. Phone search engines that used to list her no longer do so.

Here is some of Jan's useful information. I would not be posting it, if she were not posting others' personal information.

Jan also has family, and, since she posts about other people's families, she is listed under #6:

You can also find her here:


For your convenience, there is a K-Mart or WalMart in the open lot behind her home.

In another article I have posted, I discussed a possible relationship between Jan and James David Drew, a convicted sex offender. In this Intellius search, the relationship is clearly suggested (J D Drew):

Now, I am not saying that this is conclusive, nor am I saying that Jan had anything to do with the sex pervert's abuse of children, but, why does she hide this? Just to remind you of who I am referring to:

So, once again, Jan's evil ways get her more of what she is not looking for.  If she decides to behave in a civil manner, these pages will disappear.

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