Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jan Is Trying To Hide

Jan spends a lot of time finding information about people so she can "out" them. Most often, she is wrong and mis-identifies them. For instance, she believes that a person whose screen-name is Martin is Martin Rady, from Australia. However, Martin posts from Europe. Jan has problems understanding geography.

Over the past few weeks, as more and more information is posted in these convenient pages, Jan has been a busy old fart in having some of her personal information removed. Phone search engines that used to list her no longer do so.

Here is some of Jan's useful information. I would not be posting it, if she were not posting others' personal information.

Jan also has family, and, since she posts about other people's families, she is listed under #6:

You can also find her here:


For your convenience, there is a K-Mart or WalMart in the open lot behind her home.

In another article I have posted, I discussed a possible relationship between Jan and James David Drew, a convicted sex offender. In this Intellius search, the relationship is clearly suggested (J D Drew):

Now, I am not saying that this is conclusive, nor am I saying that Jan had anything to do with the sex pervert's abuse of children, but, why does she hide this? Just to remind you of who I am referring to:

So, once again, Jan's evil ways get her more of what she is not looking for.  If she decides to behave in a civil manner, these pages will disappear.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jan's Obsession With Proof

One of Jan's tactics in denying reality is to demand proof of an assertion. When presented, she either ignores the proof, or does not understand it. Accordingly, I find that screen shots, like used in the other pages, make it hard for her to deny reality.

Jan adores a charlatan named PATRICK Timothy Bolen. Bolen claims to be a crisis management consultant, when it is clear that he is a crisis waiting to happen.

He owns two companies, i.e. JuriMed, Inc. and North American Consumers Against Health Fraud, Inc.

Here is what the State of California says about JURIMED-Public Relations and Research Group, Inc.:

 Yes, Jan, it is suspened.

Now, Bolen also owns another company, North American Consumers Against Health Fraud, Inc.

Once again, it is suspended!

Now, what does "suspension" mean? Here is what California says:

See suspended? Here is what it says:

"Suspended or Forfeited:  The business entity's powers, rights and privileges were suspended or forfeited in California 1) by the Franchise Tax Board for failure to file a return and/or failure to pay taxes, penalties, or interest; and/or 2) by the Secretary of State for failure to file the required Statement of Information and, if applicable, the required Statement by Common Interest Development Association."

So, for Jan, here is your proof! Jan will ignore this.

Jan's Obsession With Profiles and Nuking Posts

Many of Jan's posts are criticisms of others who have not created a GoogleGroups profile or they "nuke" their posts. She takes particular joy in pointing out that some use the x:no-archive delimiter to ensure that GoogleGroups does not archive their posts. Jan has her rules, and, Jan wants everyone to follow them.

To ensure that they do, she cuts and pastes their profiles, as if that actually means something. Sadly, in her defective mind, it does, but, she will not explain just what it means. Jan does a lot of things like that, i.e. incomprehensible things.

To fully understand Jan, one need look no further than her "profile" on GoogleGroups.

Examine this carefully. Jan has not created a profile for herself, but you are a BadPerson if you don't.  She  seems to have a double standard. Well, if she did not have double standards, she would not have any standards at all.

And, look at her posting history. She has posted continually since 1999, but her profile shows some large gaps.

Does she nuke her posts?

Does she use multiple accounts to post from?

According to Jan, nuking posts is utter evil. Furthermore, using multiple names is a bigger no-no.

However, it sure looks like she is doing it herself.

Just two more examples of Jan Drew's HYPOCRISY!

Posting Dirt

Jan just loves to post dirt on people. She spends hundreds, if not thousands of hours, looking for dirt. I frankly acknowledge that I spend around 10 to 20 minutes a week looking for something on her. She likes to dish it out, but cannot take it.

One of the regulars in posted about her background. This was on one of the webpages (link now broken, see below) he posted. On this part of the page, Janet Mae Stidd is identified:

Janet Mae Stidd was born on March 16, 1939.  
Janet Mae Stidd married James William Drew (his second marriage) on November 25, 1970. Mr. Drew is related to a person, James David Drew, who has the same name as a sex offender.

After I posted the information to m.h.a. Jan went silent for several days. She did not post. However, when she returned the link to the webpage which lists her, her husband and James David Drew was no longer working. That link is now gone. Frankly, I do not believe in coincidences. The link was good for years, and, KABOOM! it is gone right after I posted it. There can be no question that Jan had them removed while she was not posting for those few days.

I secured the screen shots before Jan had them removed.

Jan will bleat and bray. She will whine to Google to try and have it removed.

I have this all saved, and if it is removed by Google, I will merely repost elsewhere.

Welcome to the Jan Drew Fan Club

Jan Drew is a 71 year old long time denizen of Usenet, who has stalked, abused, attacked and harassed many people over the years. The purpose of this blog is to record for all posterity her antics, so that she cannot escape the consequences of her actions.

While I do not believe in censorship, "outing" or any other form of abuse, the secondary purpose of this blog is to demonstrate to Jan Drew that her actions are evil and are not tolerated by people. Thus, the rule is simple, if Jan Drew does something, she will receive the same in kind.

The next several articles posted here will represent previous pages that I had placed on the GoogleGroups Jan Drew Fan Club as well as Usenet postings documenting her bigotry and hatred.

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